applying the feminine touch

About Emma

The passion started from the first time I set foot inside a beautiful old stately home one day as a little girl. I don’t remember exactly where or what the occasion was; but the colours, shapes and big bold walls are as clear in my mind today as they were back then. I guess I caught a sense of the character that the ancient architect had been trying to portray and somehow heard his voice echo through the texture and tone that still remained. Whatever it was, that was the day my obsession for decorating buildings began…

It has been a winding road since then; many times drifting away from my dream, but always being lured back by the chance to paint, to create and to change the face of a dreary room. I spent seven years in Spain working for a toy company; a few more waitressing and serving behind the bar; all the time dabbling part-time in my passion, in my own home and those of my friends.

Back in the UK and now a mum, I started to indulge myself in a few part-time painting jobs with my husband who worked as a locksmith and local handyman. The painting side of the business turned out to be a brighter prospect than the odd job here and there. So shortly after baby number two (in 2005), I began adding professional qualifications to the years of experience and enthusiasm that has seen me climb the ladder to full-time lady painter and decorator.

So today my skills include (strictly in order of importance):

  • Full range of painting, wallpapering and other standard decorating skills
  • An eye for what will make any room in any house look fantastic
  • An obsession for clean, tidy work spaces and a perfect finish (the feminine touch)
  • Expertise in hand-painted kitchens
  • Trained in a range of decorative painting effects
  • Painted furniture
  • Polished plaster and gilding accreditations

With much more to follow…………

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